Newborn Shoes

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Shoes For The Newborn Baby

Shopping for shoes for a newborn baby is always exciting, but it can also be challenging. If the shoes are not properly fitted they could turn out to be uncomfortable for the child. Finding the right shoes for your newborn baby requires a little patience and research, but it is well worth it in the end, knowing that your baby is happy and comfortable. If you observe these suggestions you will be able to buy really good shoes for your child.

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Roxy Womens Sugar Baby Backpack

pumpkin patch Baby-Girl Felt Flower First Walking Shoes

pumpkin patch Baby-Girl Felt Flower First Walking Shoes

1. Always measure the feet of the baby. Don’t assume that all newborn shoes will fit all newly born babies. Never use solely the label as your guide to making sure that they shoes fit properly.  Different manufacturers have different shoe sizes and babies feet can vary largely in size, both in width and length.

2. Buy the newborn shoes from a baby shoe specialist, not from the supermarket. Although, all baby shoes look cute in the shop the quality and fit can vary tremendously between different brands. It is always advisable to let the experts give you advice.

3. When you measure you babies shoes, make sure that you measure both feet, as one foot may be larger than the other.

4. Measure your baby’s feet in the afternoon, not first thing in the morning. At this point your child’s feet would have been swelling slightly because of the activities during the day.

5. make sure that the fabric and quality of the shoe allows it to pass through air and “breath” and this will make your newborn more comfortable and minimize any perspiration (yes babies do sweat!).

We recommend that you go for a material made of canvas, soft leather or fabric. It is very important that newborn shoe soles are flexible. Go for the soft soles that allow the child to handle his or her feet.